HC Deb 20 June 1893 vol 13 c1473
MR. A. C. MORTON (Peterborough)

I beg to ask the Lord Advocate whether his attention has been called to another fatal accident which took place at the Newbattle Collieries, Midlothian, on the 9th instant; whether he is aware that this is the sixth fatal accident that has occurred at these collieries since the 1st of January; and whether the Government will endeavour to get the Fatal Accidents Inquiry (Scotland) Bill passed, so that these frequent and deplorable accidents may be publicly inquired into?

* THE LORD ADVOCATE (Mr. J. B. BALFOUR,) Clackmannan, &c.

It is the fact that a fatal accident occurred in one of the pits of the Newbattle Colliery Company on or about the date mentioned, and that four other accidents have recently occurred in other pits of that Company. The Government are most anxious that the Fatal Accidents Inquiry (Scotland) Bill should be passed into law, and I should be very glad if the House would assent to its being read a second time, and referred to the Grand Committee on Law, where its provisions could be carefully considered, and any Amendments which might be thought desirable made upon it.