HC Deb 02 June 1893 vol 13 c52

I beg to ask the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland whether he can give the House any further information with regard to the case of Weldon Moloney, who was shot at from both sides of the road near Ennis and severely wounded; is there any truth in the report that seven men have been arrested?


The only information I have received on the subject is that seven men have been arrested in connection with the outrage, and taken to a place with a view to possible identification. The driver of the car says he saw nobody.



I have just received information which is somewhat later. The telegram is to the effect that about 12.15 yesterday, as Mr. Moloney, of Dublin, the agent for the Kiltanan property, was driving on an outside ear on his way to Tulla, he was fired at. Four shots were fired almost simultaneously from behind a high hedge on either side of the road. One struck him on the left knee, the entire leg being riddled with shot. Another struck the horse on the left shoulder. None of the shots from the right side of the road took any effect. If the horse had fallen, most probably they (the assailants) would have shot him on the road. This was a holiday, and at the time most of the people were at Mass. Being Petty Sessions day at Tulla, most of the police were engaged at the Sessions. The car was a private car; and as it left the place to fetch Mr. Moloney in the morning, it was known that he was to travel that day, and also that he was collecting the rents. Six men—not seven—have been arrested, and proceedings are being taken to ascertain whether any of them can be identified.

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