HC Deb 24 July 1893 vol 15 cc320-1
Sir W. HOULDSWORTTI (Manchester, N.W.)

I beg to ask the First Lord of the Treasury if any legislation, either in India or in England, is necessary to give full effect to the decision arrived at by the Government of India, to establish a gold standard in that country: and, if so, whether such legislation will be delayed till the Indian Budget is presented to Parliament, in order that the House of Commons may have an opportunity of discussing the matter before final steps have been taken?


With regard to this question, no legislation in this country will be necessary in order to give full effect to the measure taken with respect to currency in India; and, further, there is no question of postponing the Indian Budget on this account, for there is no likelihood that the legislation which will eventually be necessary in India will be undertaken before the Indian discussion in this House, when hon. Members will have the opportunity of expressing their views on the whole question.


Then I understand no legislation will be required in India this year?


I am not able to say this year. My attention was directed to that part of the question which spoke of the discussion on the Indian Budget in this House; and, in answer to that, I have to say that no legislation will be undertaken before that occasion arises.