HC Deb 24 July 1893 vol 15 cc321-2
* Sir C. CAMERON (Glasgow, College)

In pursuance of private notice, I beg to ask the Home Secretary whether his attention has been called to the essential difference between second mortgage investments in Scotland and other parts of the United Kingdom, arising out of the systematic registration of titles to, and burdens on, heritable property in Scotland, and the fact that Building Societies in Scotland have for many years invested funds on second mortgages with advantage and profit; and whether, under the circumstances, Government will either except Scotland from the operation of the Building Societies (No. 2) Bill, or modify Clause 12 of that Bill, so as to permit existing Building Societies in Scotland to carry on their business without submitting to the restriction against second mortgage investments, for which, with regard to them, no case has been made out?


May I, as a point of Order, ask whether it is in Order to put a question to a Minister relating to a matter which is highly contentious, and which has been the subject of a discussion in Committee upstairs?


I have not seen the question, hut from what I heard of it it appears to me to be one of a rather contentious character.


I had no wish that it should be of a contentious character. I only desired to ask what course the Government will take, and perhaps I had better put my question in that form.


My attention has been called to this matter. I have received a number of representations from Scotch Societies; and when the Committee on the Bill comes on I shall propose to modify the 12th clause, so as to exclude from its operation the Scottish Societies to which my hon. Friend refers.


I beg to give notice that I shall oppose that Amendment.