HC Deb 19 July 1893 vol 15 c59

Return ordered, "giving, as regards each parish in the Metropolis, the following particulars:—

  1. (1) The rateable value of the parish on which the last Poor Rate closed prior to the 25th day of March 1893 was made;
  2. (2) The amount which a rate of one penny in the pound on that rateable value would produce if the whole rate were collected;
  3. (3).The sum actually produced in respect of each penny of the rate;
  4. (4).With regard to the difference, the approximate proportion of the amount which was attributable (a) to allowances to owners who are rated instead of the occupiers, (b) to excusals on the ground of poverty, and (c) to empties, removals, and other causes;
  5. (5) The number of assessments in respect of which commissions were allowed to owners under agreements made in pursuance of Section 3 of "The Poor Rate Assessment and Collection Act, 1869," and the percentages of such commissions;
  6. (6) Whether any order of the Vestry, in pursuance of Section 4 of the said Act, was in force in the parish during the year ended the 25th day of March, 1893;
  7. (7) The number of assessments in respect of which abatements of 15 per cent, were allowed to owners Sub-section (1) of the last mentioned section; and
  8. (8) The number of assessments in respect of which further abatements were allowed under Subsection (2) of the same section to owners who were willing to be rated whether their premises were occupied or not, and the percentages of such further abatements."—(Sir Walter Foster.)

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