HC Deb 24 August 1893 vol 16 cc962-3
MR. FOR WOOD (Lancashire, Ormskirk)

I beg to ask the Secretary to the Admiralty if he can now furnish the particulars omitted from the Navy Estimates, pages 210 to 220, in regard to the new vessels building or proposed to be built, especially as to their estimated cost, speed at natural draught, coal capacity, I and armament; also the estimated cost of reconstruction or repairs, speed, and principal armaments of the Sultan, Warrior, Northumberland, and Agincourt, which are included in the Navy Estimates; when will the statement as to the number of men employed at each rate of pay and number promoted be delivered; and when will he be able to state the decision of the Admiralty in regard to the abolition or otherwise of the graduated or classified system of day pay?


The statement as to the number of men employed at each rate of pay and the number that have been promoted is in the hands of the printer, and will, I hope, be ready to-morrow or Saturday. On the Motion of my hon. Friend the Civil Lord, a statement, showing the present and revised scales of pay for labourers and certain classes of workmen in the Naval Establishments at home, was ordered by the House to be printed yesterday. I hope that this also will be in the hands of Members before Monday next, when my hon. Friend will be prepared to give any more detailed information that may be desired.


Will Vote 8 be the first one on Monday?


Yes; the Shipbuilding Vote will be put down first.


And in what order will the others be taken?


In the regular order.