HC Deb 04 August 1893 vol 15 cc1339-40
MR. SEXTON () Kerry, N.

I beg to ask the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland whether, under the operation of the Irish Education Act of 1892, the teachers of small schools maintaining an average attendance of 20 and upwards are entitled to third-class salary; and what provision has been made in pursuance of that Act to improve the remuneration of teachers of small schools?

THE CHIEF SECRETARY FOR IRELAND (Mr. J. Morley,) Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Previous to the passing of the Irish Education Act, 1892, no teacher of a school having an average daily attendance of less than 30 pupils was entitled to a class salary. Such schools were paid only by a capitation grant. Since the passing of the Act those of the small schools having averages from 20 to 30 are paid third-class salary, together with 20 per cent. upon such salary, and the residual capitation grant, which amounts to 4s. per pupil. The improvement of the incomes of schools with average of 20 to 30 is represented by the excess of the class salary and the other advantages just named. The still smaller schools having an average of less than 20, in addition to the capitation allowance which they had hitherto been receiving, have obtained a special capitation allowance of 3s. 6d. per pupil, together with the residual capitation grant.