HC Deb 13 April 1893 vol 11 c204

I beg to ask the Secretary to the Admiralty (1) whether the reduction of 24 in the Higher Division staff of the Admiralty is in the town establishment only; and, if so, what is the reduction since 1886 in the Dockyards; (2) how many of the 20 staff appointments given to Second Division clerks are in the town establishment, and how many in the Dockyards; (3) what is the number to which it is intended to reduce the Higher Division in each department of the town establishment; (4) and how many staff appointments are to be reserved for the Second Division, as recommended by the Royal Commission, in lieu of the further reduction of the Higher Division?


(1) The reduction of 24 is in the town establishment only. The reduction in the Higher Division staff in the Dock and Victualling Yards since 1886 amounts to 27. (2) Of the 20 staff appointments (which excluded those in the head-quarter staff of the new Naval Ordnance Store Department) four only were for the town establishment, the remaining 16 being for the Dockyards, &c. (3) No definite number has been fixed for the future establishment, nor can this be done until the new Admiralty buildings are finished.(4) No definite number of staff appointments for the Second Division has been fixed, but appointments will be made when the creation of such is warranted by the requirements of the Service.