HC Deb 07 April 1893 vol 10 c1709

I beg to ask the Secretary of State for War whether the Government will take into consideration the position of the quartermasters and riding masters in the Army, with the view of giving an increase of £10 pension for each year of service beyond 30 years to a maximum of £250 per year; and whether the honorary rank of major could be conferred upon them after 30 years' full pay service, or the pension of that rank given to their widows and orphans?


It is only a few years since the position of quartermasters and riding masters was fully considered, and great advantages were granted to them. It has been repeatedly announced that the question cannot be re-opened, and all I can say is that, while I will see whether in any small point the views urged on behalf of these officers can be met, I have no expectation of any considerable change being made. I may remark, in answer to the suggestions of the hon. Member, that several of the more distinguished of these officers have good-service rewards, which bring their retired pay to £250 a year. It was decided, after full consideration, not to give the rank of major for length of service, but to attach the rank to certain appointments, for which the best officers would be selected.