HC Deb 24 March 1892 vol 2 cc1693-4

I wish to ask the Under Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs a question of which I have given him private notice, with regard to a paragraph which has been going the round of the papers in the last day or two. A Reuter's telegram, dated Mozambique, 12th March, says— Another disaster has taken place at Fort Johnston in which Mr. King and Dr. Watson were wounded. Two Sikhs and two Zanzibaris were killed and six wounded. A number of Angonis were killed and wounded. The natives captured the seven-pounder gun belonging to the expedition. I believe, Sir, the Under Secretary answered a similar question a few evenings ago, and therefore I do not require a reply to the question generally. The point I want answered is with regard to Mr. King and Dr. Watson. Will the hon. Gentleman be able to give the House some information which will allay anxiety as to these two gentlemen regarding their condition? They are reported to be wounded; is the report true; and, if so, what is the present condition of the wounded?


I only received notice from the hon. Member on entering the House, and therefore I am afraid I cannot reply very fully to the question he has put to me. I have no reason to deny the accuracy of the telegram which the hon. Member has read; but, at the same time, as I think I informed the hon. Member for Edinburgh (Mr. Buchanan) last week, such telegrams as we have received from Mr. Johnston do not confirm the telegram which the hon. Member has read. The last telegram we received from him seemed to speak rather of his friendly attitude towards the Chiefs, and did not mention that disaster at all. If the hon. Member wishes for more definite information, perhaps he will put a question on the Paper.