HC Deb 10 March 1892 vol 2 c510
MR. MATHER (Lancashire, S.E., Gorton)

I beg to ask the Vice President of the Committee of Council on Education whether any of the Public Elementary Board and voluntary schools in the country have established classes for manual training in accordance with the Regulations of the Code of 1890; and if any have done so, how many, and in what places; whether provision has been made by the Science and Art Department for the examination of such classes at the next ensuing annual examinations of elementary schools; and whether sufficient evidence has been supplied to the Department of the educational value of any classes that have been so formed, as to warrant the issue by the Department of a Circular to School Boards and the managers of voluntary schools throughout the country, urging upon them that they should at once form classes for manual training in every elementary school under their control?


I find that schools for manual training have been established in 213 schools, of which 115 are Board schools and 98 voluntary Schools. I can give the hon. Member a list of the places if he cares to have it. Provision is made for the examination of such classes on or about the same date as the annual examinations of the schools in drawing. Sixty-three classes were examined in the year ending 31st August, 1891. In twelve of these the instruction was reported to be excellent; and as good in the other 51 cases. The Minutes authorising grants for manual training was first published in June, 1890, and since that date Circulars giving full information on the subject have been from time to time issued to all schools in which boys are taught drawing, and the Department does not think that a further Circular is required urging the immediate foundation of classes for manual training in every elementary school throughout the country.