HC Deb 16 June 1892 vol 5 c1290
MR. WILLIAM LOWTHER (West-moreland, Appleby)

I beg to ask the Attorney General will he explain on what grounds he has sanctioned a scheme for the sale of Emmanuel Hospital, Westminster, although the Charity Commissioners had refused their sanction and the London County Council had also declared against the sale; and will Parliament have any opportunity of pronouncing a judgment upon this proposal to destroy an ancient building and to build over an open site in a crowded quarter of the Metropolis?


After most carefully considering the whole of the evidence brought before me and given at the local inquiry, and personally inspecting Emmanuel Hospital, I came to the conclusion that in the interests of the Charity it was not possible to continue to hold the existing building. As the law at present stands Parliament will not have any opportunity of pronouncing a judgment upon the proposal, but I must not be understood to assent to the criticism on the proposal conveyed in the last paragraph of the hon. Member's question. I should also like to mention that the whole matter is again under the consideration of Mr. Justice Chitty, before whom the proper parties were represented, and he has reserved his judgment.