HC Deb 17 April 1891 vol 352 cc790-1
MR. LAWSON (St. Pancras, W.)

I beg to ask the Postmaster General when the Overseers of the Metropolitan District Post Offices may expect to receive a detailed answer to their Petition of November, 1889, or whether the new scale of pay recently adopted is to be considered an answer; if so, whether he is aware that the Overseers are paid in many casts at a lower rate of wages than sorters over whom they exercise supervision; and if he is prepared to recommend a scale of pay more in accordance with the nature of their duties?


The decision of the Treasury dated the 16th February, 1891, fixed the scale of the Overseers referred to as follows:—First Class, 56s. by 2s. to 66s., in lieu of 52s. by 2s. to 62s. , Second Class, 40s. by 2s. to 56s., in lieu of 40s. by 2s. to 50s. It is not the case that a scale of wages has been fixed for Overseers lower than that given to the sorters whom they supervise, although it may be the case that a sorter of long service on his class may receive through special allowance more than an Overseer Class II. of short service on his class. I may mention that new allowances of 5s. a week are given to 83 Second Class Town District Overseers in addition to their wages, in order to mark the distinction between the two classes. I am not now able to say if the Treasury would be disposed to re-consider a decision so recently arrived at, and which has scarcely had time to come into operation.

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