HC Deb 20 May 1890 vol 344 cc1408-9
MR. P. M'DONALD (Sligo, N)

I beg to ask the Attorney General for Ireland whether a gentleman named Gethin has been recently appointed to the Commission of the Peace for the County Sligo; if so, what were Mr. Gethin's qualifications for the office; has he a residence in the county; is he a landholder or landlord's agent, or does he hold any official position in the district'; and, if he does not possess any of these qualifications, on what grounds did the Lord Lieutenant of the county recommend him to the Lord Chancellor?


The Lord Chancellor of Ireland informs me that Mr. Gethin is neither a landlord nor a land agent; but is a gentleman of education and position residing within the County Sligo, in which county members of his family have property. He having been recommended by Her Majesty's Lieutenant of the county as a fit and proper person to be a Magistrate, was appointed in the usual course, and to meet the necessity for an additional Magistrate in the Ballymote district, in which he will attend.

MR. SEXTON (Belfast, W.)

Is the right hon. Gentleman aware that this gentleman has no residence in the county nor anywhere else; and that he is simply a lodger in his brother's house?


No, Sir: I am informed by the Lord Chancellor that he resides in the County of Sligo.


That, answer conveys a fallacy. 1s he not simply a lodger in his brother's house?


The information supplied tome officially is that he resides in the County of Sligo.


Will the right hon. Gentleman inquire whether this gentleman has really a residencu or property in Sligo?


Yes, Sir.

MR. J. O'CONNOR (Tipperary, S.)

Will the right hon. Gentleman ask the officials of Dublin Castle to supply him in future with such information as will not be misleading to the House?


Order, order!