HC Deb 13 May 1890 vol 344 c819
MR. CHILDERS) (Edinburgh, S.

I beg to ask the Secretary of State for War whether he proposes to furnish to the Hous3 any information as to the districts or localities in which, and the objects for which, the expenditure of £4,100,000, under the Barracks Bill, is to be devoted?


I explained our proposals in considerable detail in introducing the Barracks Bill; but I am quite ready to meet the wish expressed by the right hon. Gentleman, and accordingly I laid on the Table yesterday a Schedule showing the detailed expenditure proposed in various localities.


How much of the £300,000 to be taken this year is to be spent in Ireland?


I am afraid I cannot answer that question without notice, but I think a very considerable portion, because nothing is nearer my heart than that something should be done to the Dublin Barracks.


What barracks are to be dealt with this year?


Both the Royal Barracks and the Richmond Barracks.

MR. G. ELLIOT (York, N.R., Richmond)

May I ask the Secretary of State for War whether the Richmond Barracks, in Dublin, have been passed as healthy; whether an officer of the 2nd Battalion the King's Royal Rifles, quartered in these barracks, has recently been attacked by typhoid fever; and whether the barracks are now in a satisfactory sanitary condition?


I am sorry to say that an officer in these barracks was recently attacked with enteric fever. He had been on leave on three occasions during the previous month, and it is therefore possible that the disease was not contracted in the barracks. A good deal has recently been done to the drainage of Richmond Barracks; but until the works immediately contemplated are complete, I cannot say that I am satisfied that every effort has been made to avert the recurrence of this disease.