HC Deb 28 March 1890 vol 343 cc156-7
DR. TANNER (Cork Co., Mid)

I beg to ask the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland if his attention has been directed to the Report of the Inspectors of Irish Fisheries dealing with the damage done by the drainage works to the spawning grounds, and to the statement of the Inspectors that the works at Lough Allen and Killaloe will have an injurious effect on salmon and trout fishing in the Shannon, as the excavations will destroy the spawning beds, and that the same result will ensue on continuation of the works at Battle Bridge; and whether any modification or alteration will be adopted in connection with the drainage works which will prevent such damage to the important fishing interests?


also asked whether several communications have been received from the "Limerick Board of Fishery Conservators," requesting to be furnished with the Report of the Evidence taken by the Inspectors of Irish Fisheries last year in the inquiry held by them along the Shannon as to the alleged injuries to the fisheries by the "Shannon drainage works," and the wholesale destruction of the salmon fry by the too sudden lowering of the sluice gates at Killaloe as also alleged; what was the nature of the Report on this inquiry, and will it be laid upon the Table; and what is the objection to the Report of the Evidence being supplied to the Board of Conservators at Limerick?


The Inspectors of Irish Fisheries have reported that the drainage works on the Shannon will injure the fisheries. The Board of Works hold an opposite opinion. The Fishery Inspectors' Report, and the observations of the Board of Works thereon, have been communicated to the Conservators of the river, who originally moved in the matter, and whose reply is now awaited.


Will no attention be paid to this Report by the Inspectors of Irish Fisheries; will the suggestion of the Board of Works be adopted; are the representations of the Inspectors to be ignored?


My answer could not possibly have conveyed such an idea.