HC Deb 19 June 1890 vol 345 cc1373-4
MR. BYRON REED (Bradford, E.)

I beg to ask the President of the Local Government Board whether he is aware that it is contemplated to erect a "destructor" upon the confines of Peel Park, in the borough of Bradford; whether he has ascertained that this proposal is obnoxious to the adjacent inhabitants; and whether the Local Government Board can make to the Local Authorities such representations as will prevent the carrying out of the project, with its attendant annoyances to a crowded population, and its probable detriment to the herbage of the park and the enjoyment of those who frequent it?


The Local Government Board have received representations with reference to the erection of a destructor in the neighbourhood of Peel Park, Bradford, which it is stated is proposed to be erected by the Town Council of the borough. The matter is not one in which the Board have any jurisdiction, unless it is proposed to defray the cost of the destructor out of moneys raised by loan. If any application should be made to the Board for their sanction to a loan for this purpose, they will, before arriving at a decision in the matter, direct a Local Inquiry, at which all persons interested will have an opportunity of submitting any representations they may think necessary. I may add tint since notice was given of the question I have received a communication from the Town Clerk of Bradford, in which it is stated that the proposed site of the destructor is an old disused quarry, and not in a populous locality; that Peel Park is the property of the Corporation and is highly valued by them, and that they would be the last persons to do any act that could possibly operate to its detriment; and that the proposed building which will be used solely for the purification by fire of what is known as dry ash-pit refuse, is to be constructed on a principle, the result of long and costly experiments by the Corporation, which will secure the complete destruction of all offensive emanations.


Arising out of the answer, may I ask if I am to understand the right hon. Gentleman that it is not in the power of the Local Government Board to send down an Inspector to the locality to ascertain the facts?


Oh, yes; it is within our power to do that, but we cannot interfere unless a loan is asked for.