HC Deb 28 July 1890 vol 347 cc1064-5
MR. FINUCANE (Limerick, E.)

I beg to ask the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland whether Mrs. Mullally, who was evicted from her holding on the Modeshill property, Mullinahone, County Tipperary, about three years ago, was re-instated about four months since at a rent fixed by arbitration; whether her house has been and is occupied by policemen since her eviction, who have refused to leave though often asked by Mr. Hartford, the agent; whether he is aware that Mrs. Mullally's farm is about three miles from her present residence, to which she is obliged to bring the milk of her dairy cattle twice a day; and whether, as the object of the Government in sending policemen to the Modeshill Estate was to protect the emergency men who were herding 30 evicted farms, to which all the former tenants have been restored, the policemen will now be ordered to leave immediately?


The Constabulary Authorities report that the evicted tenant referred to was re-instated about 10 weeks ago. The house has been occupied as a temporary police barrack, under agreement, since 13th December, 1889. Possession does not appear to have been ever demanded by Mr. Hartford. The tenant's present residence is three miles from the farm, but it is not the case that she has cattle on the farm, nor does she carry milk to and from it daily. The caretakers were caring not 30 but 20 evicted farms. Consequent upon the former tenants being re-instated necessity no longer exists for affording personal protection to the caretakers, and steps are accordingly being taken to abolish the temporary police station in question.