HC Deb 14 July 1890 vol 346 cc1601-2

I beg to ask the Under Secretary of State for the Home Department whether his attention has been called to the recent article in the Lancet commenting on the fearfully high rate of mortality among the miners of Cornwall, due to the insanitary condition of the mines; and whether he will instruct the Government Inspector of the district to hold a special and open inquiry into the facts, and to report upon the same, with, a view to measures being adopted for their protection?


The Secretary of State has referred the article in question to the Inspector in Cornwall, and is now awaiting his Report. The Secretary of State has had, for some time past, under his consideration the question of amending the law as to metalliferous mines, and a Bill has been for some time in draft having for its object the better regulation of these mines, with a view to lowering the rate of mortality.


I had intended to ask the First Lord of the Treasury whether his attention has been called to a a recent article in the Lancet, commenting on the fearfully high death rate of the minors of Cornwall, attributable to the unsanitary conditions under which they have to work, and whether he will extend the scope of the Reference to the Royal Commission on Mining Royalties, with a view to their taking evidence as to how far any improvement of the said unsanitary conditions is prevented by the undue exactions imposed in the form of royalties and rents by the landlords upon the adventurers, and offering recommendations thereon? I will, however, postpone the question until I hear further upon the subject.