HC Deb 21 February 1890 vol 341 c992

Return ordered showing—

Names of Parishes in England in respect of which the Land Commissioners for England have, up to the present date, prepared and issued the Drafts of Certificates, under the powers conferred on them by "The Extraordinary Tithe Redemption Act, 1886." Area ef each such Parish. Nature of special cultivation. Area liable to Extraordinary Charge— Rate per acre of Extraordinary Charge. Gross amount of Extraordinary Charge at date of Act (1886). Certified Capital Value under the above Act. Resulting four per cent. Rent charge. Number of Landowners liable. To whom Rent-charges payable.
At date of Tithe apportionment In 1886.
Hops. Market gardens. Fruit Hops. Market Gardens. Fruit. Hops. Market Gardens. Fruit.
(Mr. Brookfield.)