HC Deb 09 December 1890 vol 349 cc746-7

I beg to ask the vice President of the Committee of Council on Education whether, inasmuch as in respect of applications to be heard on objections against the Central Scheme framed under "The City of London Parochial Charities Act, 1883," the Education Department, in April last, Decided to approve the scheme without further delay, so as to allow time for its consideration by Parliament, and that the Education Department approved the scheme and laid it upon the Table of the House on the 2nd December, without hearing any objectors and without publication, and having regard to the fact that on the 31st January it will only require the Royal Assent to become law, the Government will undertake to give any, and what, opportunity for its consideration by Parliament?


My hon. Friend is in error in supposing that the scheme was laid on the Table of the House without publication, and in assuming, as he appears to do, that no hearing has been given to objectors. All the objections to the scheme have been carefully considered, and not only were its general features the subject of a Debate in this House early last Session, when an almost unanimous feeling in its favour was elicited, but the scheme itself lay on the Table without challenge for seven weeks, from July 3rd to the prorogation in August last. Looking, therefore, to the delay which has already taken place, and to the magnitude of the interests depending upon the success of the scheme, I can only refer my hon. Friend to the opportunity that will still exist of moving an Address to the Crown when the House meets again in January.