HC Deb 05 December 1890 vol 349 c663
MR. T. M. HEALY (Longford, N.)

I beg to ask the Attorney General for Ireland if he is aware that Mr. Walsh, of the Cashel Sentinel, was sentenced to three months' imprisonment for conspiracy at Tipperary, and arrested instantly on conviction; that several days before he had been (on appeal) sentenced to two months' imprisonment for the publication of a speech in his newspaper; but that the police held over the warrant, commanding them to arrest him on the latter charge, in order to see what would be the result of the Tipperary prosecution; under what authority was this done; do the Government still hold over the warrant; under what statute do the police exercise this suspensory power; and what officer is responsible?


The question of the hon. and learned Member appears to be founded on a misapprehension as to a matter of fact. He appears to assume that the warrant, after it was signed, was kept back by the authorities. This is not so. I am informed that Mr. Walsh did not appear when the appeal was called, that a certificate was given for the estreating of his recognisances, but that the warrant has not yet been signed.