HC Deb 07 August 1890 vol 348 cc215-6

Motion made, and Question proposed, That a Select Committee be appointed to consider the present financial relations between England, Scotland, and Ireland, and to report—

  1. (1.) The amount and proportion of revenue contributed to the Exchequer by the people of England, Scotland, and Ireland respectively;
  2. (2.) The amount and proportion of revenue which under recent legislation is paid to Local Authorities in England, Scotland, and Ireland respectively;
  3. (3.) The amount and proportion of moneys expended out of the Exchequer; (a) upon Civil and Local Government services for the special use of; and (b) upon collection of revenue in England, Scotland, and Ireland respectively;
  4. (4.) The amount and proportion of State Loans outstanding, and of State Liabilities incurred for local purposes in England, Scotland, and Ireland respectively;
  5. (5.) How far the financial relations established by the sums so contributed, paid, advanced, or promised, or by any other existing conditions, are equitable, having regard to the resources and population of England, Scotland, and Ireland respectively;

That the Select Committee do consist of Twenty-one Members;

That Mr. John Morley, Mr. Arthur Balfour, Mr. Childers, Lord Randolph Churchill, Mr. Henry H. Fowler, Mr. Baring, Mr. Campbell-Bannerman, Mr. Solicitor General for Scotland, Mr. Sexton, Sir Richard Temple, Mr. Sinclair, Dr. Cameron, Sir Matthew Ridley, Mr. T. W. Russell, Mr. Dillon, Mr. Bristowe, Mr. James William Lowther, Mr. Stuart Rendel, Mr. Arthur O'Connor, Mr. Jackson, and Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer be Members of the Committee;

That the Committee have power to send for persons, papers, and records;

That Five be the quorum."—(Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer.)


I do not know whether hon. Members who have on the Paper Amendments to this Motion will withdraw them, looking at the fact that next year the re-appointment of the Committee will have to be moved, and they will have precisely the same opportunity of raising the questions as they now possess. It is desirable that the Committee should be at once appointed in order that it may hold one meeting, and make arrangements for securing Reports and Returns during the Recess, in order to facilitate the inquiry which they will have to conduct.

(1.47.) DR. CLARK (Caithness)

I trust the right hon. Gentleman will force this matter on. The Orders of the Day are suspended; Government business can be taken up to any hour. It is important that the Committee should be appointed, and I hope the Government will persevere with it. I do not think the discussion need take very long.

Several MEMBERS objected.


After the pledge of the First Lord of the Treasury that no really contentious business should be taken after 1 o'clock, I do not think it advisable to press the Motion in the face of the opposition which is threatened, and the matter, therefore, must go over until Monday.

Order deferred until Monday next.