HC Deb 07 August 1890 vol 348 c112

Address for— Return of Prosecutions under 'The Coal Mines Regulation Act, 1887,' from the commencement of the Act, setting forth—

  1. 1. Date of Trial;
  2. 2. Place of Trial and Court by which Case was tried;
  3. 3. Name of Inspection District;
  4. 4. Initials of name of Person charged;
  5. 5. Description of Person charged, whether Miner, Manager, Agent, Owner, or otherwise;
  6. 6. Offence charged;
  7. 7. Person at whose instance charge was made, whether Inspector, Owner, Agent, Manager, Miner, or otherwise;
  8. 8. Result of Trial, and of Proceedings, it any, on appeal;
  9. 9. Penalty."—(Mr. Donald Crawford.