HC Deb 21 April 1890 vol 343 cc968-9
MR. WADDY (Lincolnshire, Brigg)

I beg to ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department whether the inhabitants of North Kelsey, in Lincolnshire, a large majority of whom are Nonconformists, have by authority 'of a duly constituted Burial Board provided ground for a cemetery for the use of the parish; whether there is already ample provision in the parish churchyard for all the requirements of the members of the Established Church, but the Board have, nevertheless, set apart an adequate portion of their cemetery for the purpose of consecration, and have stated their willingness that it should be consecrated if the Bishop, Vicar, or members of the Established Church should desire that that ceremony should be performed; whether the Board have objected to apply to the Bishop for such consecration, and still object to incur what they believe to be the needless expense of consecration and church building; whether the unconsecrated portion is ready for use, but the Home Secretary has refused to allow it to be used, or to sanction the table of charges and fees, unless and until the Board apply for the consecrated portion; and whether it is the fact that many parishes in Lincolnshire have cemeteries in which no portion of the ground has been consecrated; and, if so, why and by what statutory authority the inhabitants of North Kelsey are compelled to undertake duties and expenditure from which others are exempt?


It is the fact that the inhabitants of North Kelsey, in Lincolnshire, have provided a burial ground. The parish churchyard has been closed by Order in Council, and there is no provision there for the requirements of members of the Established Church, nor can interments take place there except in vaults and walled graves existing at the date of the Order. The Burial Board are required by law to apply to the Bishop to consecrate a part of the ground. I have no power to waive this requirement, and proceedings by way of mandamus will be commenced forthwith. I am not aware whether there are other cemeteries in which no portion of the ground is consecrated. In cases where, as in Kelsey, an Order in Council has been made, the law makes certain requirements which it is my duty to enforce.