HC Deb 18 April 1890 vol 343 cc811-2
MR. HOWARD VINCENT (Sheffield, Central)

I beg to ask the Chancellor of the Exchequer if the compulsory hall marking of gold and silver plate shall continue, in the interests of the public, and of honesty of manufacture, regulations will be framed, notwithstanding the remission of the duty, to provide for the British hall marking of imported plate?

*MR. MONTAGU (Tower Hamlets, Whitechapel)

Why is it that imported foreign silver plate is not required to be marked? Why should it be treated in a different way from gold watch cases and other articles that are imported, and why should it not be marked with different standards?


I am not prepared to answer the questions of the hon. Member for Whitechapel (Mr. Montagu). In regard to the question of the hon. and gallant Member behind me (Mr. H. Vincent), it is our intention to retain the present system of compulsory hall marking for foreign imported silver plate, subject to the remarks which I made yesterday as to the hall marking of Indian plate at the rupee standard.


As the Government deprived me of the opportunity of raising this very question early in the Session, will the right hon. Gentleman give me an opportunity of making a representation to him of the objections felt to compulsory hall marking, especially as affecting Indian silver?


If the hon. Gentleman wishes to make a representation, either formal or informal, I will give him every consideration; but the hon. Gentleman will have an opportunity of being heard if any change of legislation is required in consequence of the abolition of the Plate Duty.