HC Deb 12 August 1889 vol 339 cc1022-3
MR. THOMAS ELLIS (Merionethshire)

I beg to ask the hon. Member for the Penrith Division (Mr. J. W. Lowther) whether the inquiry into the charities of Denbighshire, instituted last October by the Charity Commissioners, is yet completed; and, if so, how soon the Report will be issued; and whether, in view of the uselessness of the Return ordered by this House on 19th June, relative to the endowments available for the purposes of the Intermediate and Technical Education (Wales) Act, an investigation will be made by the Charity Commissioners without delay into the charities of the different Welsh counties, so as to enable the joint Education Committees to frame schemes under the Act?

MR. J. W. LOWTHER (Cumberland, Penrith)

The inquiry into the charities of Denbighshire has been completed in 48 out of the 66 parishes of Denbighshire. It is expected that the inquiry will be completed in every parish of Denbighshire before the end of November. The Charity Commissioners have not at present been furnished by the Treasury with the requisite authority for the expenditure necessary for similar inquiries in other counties. They understand that the Treasury desire to consider the Report upon the charities of Denbighshire before authorising further expenditure.


In that case is the Act to remain in suspension until the Treasury gives its consent in order to enable the Act to be set in motion?


I think the hon. Member had better address that question to the Secretary to the Treasury. The Charity Commissioners are prepared to go on with the work the moment they obtain the necessary authorisation.