HC Deb 02 August 1889 vol 339 cc170-1

I beg to ask the Chief Secretary for Ireland whether he is aware that a summons was issued on the 22nd day of July 1889, at Keady, in the County of Armagh, wherein a Catholic named Bernard Fagan charged an Orangeman named William Morrison with assaulting and beating him on the evening of the 12th July last, and that at the Petty Sessions held at Keady, in County Armagh, on the 25th instant, Captain Preston, R.M., the presiding Magistrate, refused to hear complainant, although both plaintiff and defendant were present and represented by their respective solicitors; and whether this is the same Captain Preston who was removed some time ago from Armagh for partiality to Messrs Warnock and Bell, who were charged with stabbing two Catholics near Armagh?


It appears that the facts are not accurately represented in the question. The presiding Magistrate did not refuse to hear the complainant. The case in question, formed part of other cases in which Fagan was a defendant, and which were unavoidably adjourned. The District Inspector supported by Fagan's solicitor accordingly applied that this case should likewise be adjourned. The Magistrates sitting on the Bench unanimously granted it. There is no foundation for the allegation contained in the second paragraph.