HC Deb 08 April 1889 vol 334 cc1795-6
MR. CHAPLIN (Lincolnshire, Sleaford)

asked whether, in view of the fact that the Animals (Amendment) Order of 1st March 1889 was passed before the Privy Council were aware of the prevalence of foot-and-mouth disease into Germany; that the Kingdom of the Netherlands is separated from Germany by a frontier of very considerable length, across which, in spite of all precautions, the disease may be conveyed; and that the importation of animals from the Netherlands under present circumstances cannot fail to increase the risk of re-introducing foot-and-mouth disease into the United Kingdom, the Government will consider the propriety of rescinding or suspending the Order in question, which provides for the admission of animals from the Netherlands into the interior of this country without being subject to slaughter or to quarantine?


The Privy Council have every confidence that the regulations for preventing the importation of disease from Germany into Holland are sufficient for the purpose and afford reasonable security; but as considerable apprehension seems to exist among the agricultural classes in this country on the subject, the Government propose to ask the Royal Agricultural Society to appoint some person or persons to proceed to Holland in order to satisfy themselves on the subject. If the Royal Agricultural Society adopt the suggestion, the Government will be prepared to make the necessary application to the Dutch Government, and also to provide the requisite professional assistance.