HC Deb 26 June 1888 vol 327 c1265
MR. WEBSTER (St. Pancras, E.)

asked the First Commissioner of Works, Whether it has come to his knowledge that the ventilation of the Ladies' Gallery of this House is defective; whether the present grill in front of that Gallery is so constructed as to render it difficult for those sitting in the second and third rows to either see or hear; and, if he proposes to have that Gallery further ventilated, and to substitute for the present grill one of a less obstructive character?


, in reply, said, he was informed that some years ago there were frequent remonstrances on account of the inadequate ventilation of the Ladies' Gallery, and that it was then enlarged and completely remodelled, and that a considerable amount of the ornamental grill was removed; and he was told that since then there had been comparatively few complaints upon the subject. As to seeing and hearing what was going on in the House, the ladies on the back Benches had not as good opportunities as those in front; but he did not think that this disadvantage was caused by the grill, nor did he think it would be possible to mend the matter much in that way, except by removing the grill altogether, and, so far as he could ascertain, that alternative would not be generally popular.