HC Deb 07 June 1888 vol 326 c1393
MR. HARRIS (Galway, E.)

asked the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, Is it true that, at an early hour on Friday morning last, Mr. Gilman, District Inspector, Ballinasloe, with a force of 60 police, assisted the sheriff's bailiffs in taking possession of Mr. James Kilmartin's holding, Shralea, Ballinasloe; whether it is a fact that Mrs. Kilmartin had to rise from her sick bed, and go out in the cold drenching rain with her little children, while in the state of health described in the following certificate:— This is to certify that Mrs. Kilmartin, Shralea, has been under my treatment for some weeks, suffering from severe mammary abscess. In addition, she is on the eve of being confined, and in my opinion eviction from her home in her present condition may seriously imperil her life.

(Signed) J. T. DE LA HUNT,

L.R.C.S. and P. Ed.

Ballinasloe, 1st June, 1888;"

and, is it a fact that, while this eviction was being carried out, the husband of this woman (Mr. James Kilmartin) was in Galway Gaol, suffering three months' imprisonment under the Criminal Law and Procedure (Ireland) Act, for language used at a public meeting; and, if so, will the Government state what they purpose to do with regard to this case?


, in reply, said, he was sorry he had not been able to obtain the information which would enable him to give an answer to the Question. He would, therefore, ask the hon. Member to postpone it.