HC Deb 06 July 1888 vol 328 c569
MR. A. E. PEASE (York)

asked the First Lord of the Admiralty, Whether he will place upon the Table of the House, a copy of the "General Instructions for the Suppression of the Slave Trade," given to Officers in Her Majesty's Navy; whether it was owing to the "General Instructions," that Commander Burt states, in reference to a fugitive slave in Inclosure, in No. 40, page 42, of the Slave Trade Blue Book, lately presented to Parliament— No claim was made for him; had there been any, I should have considered it my duty to have given the slave up at once; whether it was also in accordance with the "General Instructions," that Commander Needham (in Inclosure 1, in No. 52, page 63) reports, with reference to some fugitive slaves— I was of opinion that they were slaves kept in slavery contrary to Treaties with Great Britain, and had suffered illtreatment from their masters, and were, consequently, entitled to British protection; and, whether the commanders of British vessels are precluded from giving protection to fugitive slaves unless there is evidence of illtreatment by their masters?


The instructions are not confidential and can be purchased, being published by Her Majesty's printers. Lieutenant Burt, in the case mentioned, acted properly and in accordance with the general tenour of the Instructions contained in Articles 99 to 103. The action of Commander Needham was also in accordance with Article 103 of the Instructions. The answer to the fourth Question is in the negative.