HC Deb 17 December 1888 vol 332 cc433-4
MR. CHANNING (Northampton, E.)

asked the right hon. Member for the University of Oxford, as an Ecclesiastical Commissioner, What is the number of persons who have been removed from land of the Ecclesiastical Commissioners, for the purposes of rebuilding or improvements, within the Metropolis during the last 12 years; and, whether the Commissioners have (during the last 12 years) erected on such land buildings suitable for artizans' dwellings, or have let or sold land with covenants to erect artizans' dwellings; and, if so, for what number of persons have such dwellings been provided?

SIR JOHN R. MOWBRAY (Oxford University)

There are no general statistics in the possession of the Ecclesiastical Commissioners to show the number of persons who have been removed where buildings have been demolished for purposes of improvements; but particulars were given as to a specific locality by my right hon. Friend the Member for the Epping Division of Essex (Sir Henry Selwin-Ibbetson) in answer to Questions asked by the hon. Member for East Northamptonshire on the 6th of May and the 1st of August, 1887. The Ecclesiastical Commissioners havelet, during the last 12 years, land for the erection of dwellings suitable for artizans, on which 1,804 tenements, with 4,477 rooms, have been erected; and, at the present time, plans have been approved for the erection of additional buildings containing 666 tenements, with 1,928 rooms, which we believe to be in excess of the number of persons displaced.