HC Deb 28 February 1887 vol 311 cc705-6
MR. BAGGALLAY (Lambeth, Brixton)

asked the First Commissioner of Works, What is the acreage of Brompton Cemetery; how many burials have taken place there since its establishment in 1837; what is the yearly average at the present time; and to what extent and under what conditions are coffins allowed to be placed one above the other; whether the local health statistics show that the area immediately surrounding the cemetery is far more unhealthy than any other part of West London; and whether, considering the enormous increase in recent years of population in the neighbourhood, any limit will be fixed to the number of interments; and, does the Government derive any profit from the cemetery?


Brompton Cemetery contains in ail 38 acres and 20 perches. There now remain available for future graves 4 acres and 34 perches. Since the first burial in Brompton Cemetery, in 1840 up to the 26th of February last, there have taken place 135,617 burials. The average number of burials in the last three years is, in round numbers, 5,000. The graves are of different depths, and the coffins are placed in the ground subject to restrictions laid down by the Home Office. I have not been able to ascertain the health statistics of the neighbourhood; but it is stated to me that the neighbourhood is not more unhealthy in consequence of the existence of the cemetery, which has sufficient open space about it. No limit can, unless by Act of Parliament, be fixed to the number of interments, except that each year there is less space available for the purpose. The Government does derive a profit, which was last year £7,070, from the cemetery. This is paid over to the Paymaster General.


inquired whether there were burials in old graves?


said, that interments took place according to bye-laws framed by the Home Office.