HC Deb 29 August 1887 vol 320 cc272-3
MR. DILLON (Mayo, E.)

asked the Under Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Whether, in "Egypt (No. 9)," issued last week, the last Despatch is dated 7th February, 1887; what was the cause of the long delay in issuing these Papers; whether "Egypt (No. 4)," 1886, containing Papers on the Finances of Egypt to the 8th May, 1886, was not presented in the month of June, 1886; and, why the corresponding Papers for the present year have not yet been presented?


the Papers contained in "Egypt (No. 9)" are not part of the regular series of Financial Despatches; but a separate Correspondence, relating to the claims for military expenditure. They go back a considerable distance of time, and belong to different Departments; and although they are not very bulky, their collection and preparation in a clear shape was not an easy task. They were also delayed in order to produce other Papers respecting Sir Henry Drummond Wolff's Mission, &c, which wore considered to be more pressing. The Financial Papers about to be distributed will contain Correspondence down to the end of April. The Financial Blue Book "Egypt (No, 4,)" 1886, was laid on the Table on the 24th of June, but was not delivered till the 20th of September. In cases of urgency the telegraph is employed in referring the Papers to our Missions abroad; but where there is no necessity for this, and the proofs are sent by messenger or post, a longer delay must occur in the preparation of a Blue Book of any bulk.


said, that the difference between the telegraph and the post would not extend to several months. He wished to know when they might expect to have the Papers dealing with the finances of Egypt for this year, corresponding to those that were laid on the Table last year in the month of June?


pointed out that the delay had arisen from the change of Government in 1886. The Papers, however, were very nearly ready, and would be distributed before the end of the Session.