HC Deb 05 August 1887 vol 318 cc1361-2

asked the Secretary to the Treasury, Whether it is a fact that, according to the Civil Service Regulations, 12 days' leave of absence with pay are annually allowed to Civil Service writers; whether it has been the practice of the Civil Service Commissioners, where holidays have not been taken by writers at the termination of certain periods of employment, to compensate them by payments in respect of such holidays; whether Mr. J. C. Woods, lately employed in the Public Record Office, Ireland, had before his resignation completed a year within which he has had no holidays; whether, on Mr. Woods' application to the Civil Service Commissioners for payment for the holidays due but not taken by him, he was refused on the technical ground— That the payment of his gratuity terminated his connection with the service; and, whether he will move the Civil Service Commissioners to reconsider their decision in this case, and have payment made to Mr. Woods of the money which seems to belong to him?


Under the Regulations as to copyists the Civil Service Commissioners may allow holidays with pay to copyists who are not serving in any other Department; but they do not compensate copyists by payments in respect of holidays not taken. Mr. Woods applied for a gratuity, under the Treasury Minute of December last, on the termination of his services as a copyist; it was paid to him on the 1st of July. He did not apply for pay in respect of holidays not taken till July 8. There was no precedent for complying with such a request, and the Civil Service Commissioners rightly declined it.