HC Deb 01 August 1887 vol 318 cc702-3
DR. KENNY (Cork, S.)

asked the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, Is he aware that Denis Burke, tenant of Amelia Moirhead, Dunmanway, County Cork, had a fair rent fixed for his holding by the Sub-Commission presided over by Mr. M'Devitt, B.L., in 1882; whether the landlord appealed from the decision of the Sub-Commission to the Land Commissioners, on the ground that the lands were demesne lands, who on this ground reversed the decision of the Sub-Commission; whether Burke's holding had been only one year in the landlord's possession prior to Burke taking it in 1868, it having been previously held by a tenant named Delea; whether Burke had always worked the farm as an ordinary tillage farm, and had built on it a house at a cost of £200, and drained portions of it at a cost of £90, without any objection being offered by the landlord; and, whether he will consent to such Amendments in the Irish Land Law Bill as will deal with this class of case?


(who replied) said: the Land Commissioners reported that a fair rent was fixed on Burke's holding by the Sub-Commission in 1882. The Chief Commissioners subsequently reversed the decision, on the ground that the holding formed part of the demesne lands, and were so let. A portion of the demesne land had been surrendered by him in 1866, and another portion had been in possession of the uncle of the landlord during the latter's minority. It appeared that the house alluded to was built by the tenant, notwithstanding the prohibition of the landlord.


asked, was it not a fact that the landlord never interfered with the building of it?


My information is there was a distinct prohibition.