HC Deb 05 April 1887 vol 313 cc485-6

asked the Secretary of State for the Home Department, Whether his attention has been directed to the case of "Share v. Stewart," in the Airdrie Sheriff Court, in which judgment was given by Sheriff Mair, on Tuesday, 22nd instant, to the effect that, under "The Coal Mines Regulation Act, 1872," and "The Weights and Measures Act, 1878," the local Inspector of Weights and Measures is not bound to inspect the weights used in any colliery unless the miners or the masters pay his travelling expenses, and the cost of carriage of his weights; whether the weights in the instance in question were found to be wrong in four different collieries, and the master prosecuted and fined; whether, under section 17 of the Act of 1872, where the miner is to be paid according to the weight of the mineral, the mineral is to be accurately weighed; and, whether, in view of the great importance of this matter to the miners of Scotland, he will make provision that the Commissioners of Supply, by whom, in Scotland, the Inspectors of Weights and Measures are appointed and paid, shall cause the Inspectors to visit the mines, and examine the weights in use?


, in reply, said, his attention had been called to the ease cited. Under the Weights and Measures Act an Inspector was not bound to go himself or carry his weights to any place where the weights were supposed to be wrong. On the occasion in question, weights were found to be wrong in three collieries; but in two of them the steel yards were in favour of the miners. In each case where the weights were wrong the master was prosecuted and fined. He had laid the Coal Mine Regulation Act Amendment Bill on the Table of the House making provision for the periodic inspection of weights and measures.


asked, whether the miners would have a right to have the examination carried out without expense, where they showed reasonable cause?


apprehended that that would be the fact. A six months' inspection would be made, and the Inspector was also required to make an inspection at any time when reasonable cause was shown. The cost would be defrayed under the Weights and Measures Act Amendment Bill by the Local Authority.