HC Deb 22 September 1886 vol 309 cc1260-1

asked the Postmaster General, If the Government will appoint a Royal Commission to inquire into the feasibility of cheapening the rate of postage between England and the various Colonies of the British Empire? He also wished to call the attention of the right hon. Gentleman to a Notice of Motion he had placed on the Paper to move for a copy of the Correspondence relating to the refusal of the Cape of Good Hope and the Australian Colonies to join the Postal Union.


,in reply, said, that the question of the solution of this difficulty had not escaped his attention, but beyond that he was not in a position to say anything further on the subject. With regard to the latter part of the Question, he could not give the hon. Gentleman any definite reply until he had had an opportunity of consulting the Secretary of State for the Colonies; but he quite felt that it might be useful to the public if, at all events, the important portions of that Correspondence could be brought to the public knowledge of the country. If he could take any steps to meet the hon. Gentleman in this matter he should be glad to do so; but, at the same time, he hoped he would not press the Motion he had placed on the Paper.