HC Deb 22 September 1886 vol 309 c1260
MR. LABOUCHERE (Northampton)

asked the Secretary to the Treasury, Whether he is aware that by 10 Geo. 4, c. 50, s. 113, it is enacted that the annual income of all the possessions and land revenues of the Crown to which the Act relates shall be applied in the manner following:—First. In payment of costs, charges, and expenses attending the management of the said possessions and land revenues. Secondly. In payment and discharge of any annual sum or sums of money or any pensions already charged upon, or to be charged thereon respectively, and on the payment of any other principal sum, and the interest of any principal sum or sums which is already or may be hereafter charged upon the said possessions and land revenues. Thirdly. In payment and discharge of the costs, charges, and expenses of repairs, alterations, and improvements of Buckingham Palace; whether he will state under which of these heads the payment of £500 per annum for the food of game in Windsor Great Park and Windsor Forest (in addition to a charge for the payment of game) is included; and, whether this game (presumably pheasants) was fed at this annual cost when the above-mentioned Act was passed?


In answer to the hon. Member, I have to say that the payment referred to is included under the first head mentioned. The latter part of the Question I am unable to answer on such short Notice; but it may interest the hon. Member to know that previous to 1850 the cost of feeding the game was £1,100 per annum.