HC Deb 10 September 1886 vol 309 cc13-4
DR. TANNER (Cork Co., Mid)

asked the Secretary of State for the Home Department, Whether it is a fact that Daniel Allen, of Ballinaboy, Ballinhassig, who was imprisoned as a suspect in the year 1882, got his right collar bone broken on the 23rd April 1882, in consequence of a door opening between the new and old yards being blown in upon him when passing; whether the accident was occasioned by neglect on the part of the officials; whether the door fastenings were sufficient on or before the date of the accident in question; whether another prisoner, Denis Lane, of Killumney, did, on a prior date, receive, in a similar manner, a violent blow from the same door; whether he called the official's attention then and there to the want of a stay upon the door; whether a stay was attached to the back of the door about a week subsequent to Allen's accident; whether Daniel Allen received proper medical attention while suffering from the fracture; whether he was discharged from prison with the fractured bone entirely ununited, and with a useless right arm; whether it is a fact that he is still unable to use his right arm and work as he was accustomed to do for his own and his family's (six in number) support; and, whether the Home Secretary will have the circumstances of the case inquired into, and will recommend his case to the benevolent attention of Her Majesty's Government?


(who replied) said, he had examined the Medical and Official Reports made at the time. The occurrence seemed to have been a pure accident. On the part of the officials, nothing was known of the circumstances alluded to in the Question. After the accident Lane received proper relief, and was discharged shortly afterwards. Possibly the bone was not completely united at the time. He did not see how he could recommend the case to the benevolent attention of Her Majesty's Government.


asked, whether, considering the sufferings of this poor man, and the fact that he was unable to earn his livelihood, the right hon. Gentle- man would not recommend the Government to take his case into consideration?

[No reply.]