HC Deb 10 September 1886 vol 309 c14

asked the Postmaster General, Whether he intends to take any steps with reference to the anomalies and the high charges for postage between England and the various Colonies of the British Empire?

THE POSTMASTER GENERAL (Mr. RAIKES) (Cambridge University)

The completion of the Postal Union by the adhesion of the few British Colonies still outside it offers the most practical means of removing anomalies and reducing charges. Such a step depends more upon the Colonial communities than the Imperial Post Office; but the hon. Member may rest assured that all possible encouragement and assistance will be given towards the entry of the remaining Colonies into the Union, and the consequent assimilation of rates of postage. I can assure my hon. Friend that I take a great interest in this question, and that I am in continual communication with the Secretary of State for the Colonies, with the view of fully ascertaining the opinion of the Colonies on this subject.


asked, whether the right hon. Gentleman would agree to grant an inquiry as to the feasibility of cheapening postage with our Colonies; also, whether he would give an assurance that no contract would be entered into which would preclude the introduction of an Imperial penny postage? The reason he asked this was that he was informed a new contract was about to be signed.


said, he should require notice of that Question.