HC Deb 05 April 1886 vol 304 c728
MR. HUTTON (Manchester, N.)

asked the Secretary to the Treasury, in consideration of the annual loss to the Post Office on the cost of ocean transit of mails to British Colonies and possessions in India, What amount is received by the Government from each of the Foreign Countries in the Postal Union towards the expenses of carrying by British mail steamers the letters of residents in those Foreign Countries, who pay their Government ouly twopence halfpenny on letters weighing half an ounce, it being borne in mind that, for the same weight of letters, residents in Great Britain pay four pence to British Colonies, and five pence to British possessions, in India?


For the sea transit of letters from the Union Countries, where a postage rate of only 2½d. per half-ounce is charged to British Colonies included in the 4d. and 5d. rate of British postage a uniform payment of 15f. per kilogramme, or about 1½d. per single half-ounce letter, is received by this country. The annual amount thus received, including the payment for printed papers, &c., which is at 1f. per kilogramme, is estimated at £3,000, which is made up thus—France, £1,600; Germany, £550; Belgium, £50; Egypt, £250; United States, £550—total, £3,000. There are a few smaller countries which charge a postage of 2½d. to their public; but their contributions are paid through the countries named above, and cannot be given separately.