HC Deb 15 May 1885 vol 298 cc624-5

I beg to ask the right hon Gentleman a Question of which I have given him private Notice—namely, Whether the negotiations with Russia respecting the Afghanistan Frontier have been brought to a close; and, whether Papers on the subject will be laid upon the Table tonight, as we were led to expect they would be?


Sir, the negotiations with Russia have not been brought to a conclusion. I understand from my noble Friend (the Earl of Kimberley) that he is awaiting and expecting to receive through, the Russian Ambassador an answer from St. Petersburg to a communication which has been made respecting one portion of the frontier. Some days, however, may elapse—I cannot say how many—before an actual answer is received upon that part of the case. With regard to the latter part of the right hon. Gentleman's Question, the Papers have been laid upon the Table, and will, I believe, be circulated to-morrow; but as the negotiations have not been concluded, we cannot give the House the whole case. The Papers will, I believe, break off at the time, if not sooner, of the incident at Penjdeh, and the remainder will be presented at as early a period as possible.


I intend to give Notice, although, of course, it is premature, that, considering the importance of this question, it will probably be our duty to call attention to these Papers after the Recess.