HC Deb 04 May 1885 vol 297 cc1516-7

said, that the Secretary to the Treasury had, in answer to the Leader of the Opposition, said that the Malt Tax was originally 24s.d. a-quarter. As he remembered, the tax was 20s. 8d. and 5 per cent. or 21s. 8d. in all. He wished to know, in order to avoid misapprehension, whether he was not absolutely correct in that statement?


said, that when the tax was changed, it had been stated by the First Lord of the Treasury to have been 24s.d. a-quarter, and he had himself stated that up to the present time the tax substituted for the Malt Tax was calculated to be of the same amount. If the additional 1s. were placed on the barrel—6s. 3d. instead of 5s. 3d.—the tax would be at the rate of 28s.d. a-quarter.