HC Deb 04 May 1885 vol 297 cc1483-4

asked the Secretary to the Treasury, If he would state the total sums which officers of the Custom House in Galway have received for their own personal benefit from merchants during the last twelve months at the port of Galway; if he would state how much of this was for attending on Bank holidays, and how much for attending after or before official hours; and, if he would give the names of the Custom House officials receiving such sums; if he would give directions that, for the future, ships may discharge non-excisable articles between sunrise and sunset without these private payments to Government officials at least on those days on which the sun does not rise before six; and, if he would make inquiries into the fact of a ship's captain having been summoned immediately after the last Question addressed on this subject for a very trifling breach of regulations; and, if it were found on inquiry that the magistrates stated that there was no smuggling intended, and that they would, if they had the option, dismiss the case, would he remit the penalty?


The total sum received from the merchants by the Customs officers at Galway on account of overtime during the last 12 months has been £11 7s. 2d., of which £5 6s. was for attendance on Bank Holidays and Good Friday, and £6 1s. 2d. for attendance before and after legal hours on ordinary working days. This sum was divided between the superintendent, an examining officer, an outdoor officer, and three boatmen. The rules governing the hours of attendance are the same throughout the Three Kingdoms, and there seems no advantage, but a great deal of difficulty, in altering them. I have seen a report of the case referred to in the last paragraph of the Question; and the circumstances disclosed would certainly not justify any remission of the very light fine imposed by the magistrates.