HC Deb 31 March 1885 vol 296 c1146

said, he desired to call the attention of the House to the constant encroachments of French fishing luggers within the three mile limit on the South and West Coast of Ireland, whereby the interests of the poor Irish fishermen in these parts were seriously interfered with. He had received only that day a communication that a few nights ago these French fishermen landed on the Irish Coast and stole a boat belonging to one of the Inspectors of Irish Fisheries, which was being used by four poor fishermen in the neighbourhood where the Frenchmen landed. He thought it was the duty of the Admiralty, or the Irish Government acting in conjunction with the Admiralty, to see that the coasts wore sufficiently guarded by gunboats and cruisers to prevent the encroachments of these foreign fishermen.

It being ten minutes before Seven of the clock the Debate stood adjourned till this day, at Nine of the clock.

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