HC Deb 27 March 1885 vol 296 cc823-4

asked the Under Secretary of State for India, Whether it is a fact that serious disturbances have occurred in the Madras Presidency (Malabar District); whether one European soldier and twelve insurgents have recently been killed in an encounter, and one European officer and several soldiers wounded; whether a force consisting of several companies of the Oxfordshire Regiment, several companies of Sepoys, and two guns has, since the above encounter, taken the field in the disturbed district; and, whether any reason can be assigned for this serious outbreak?


The official Report which the Government of India has promised on the subject of the disturbance in Malabar has not yet been received; but the main facts are, I believe, as follow:—Some Hindus were murdered by Moplahs, who took refuge in a Hindu temple, where they defended themselves for some hours against a detachment of troops, refusing, as is their custom, to take quarter. The Moplahs belong to a class of Mohammedan fanatics in Malabar, who from time to time commit outrages of this kind, which it is necessary to suppress by military force.