HC Deb 23 March 1885 vol 296 c235

I am anxious once more to repeat to the Prime Minister the Question I have put before him more than once; and that is whether he will consent to defer the discussion on the Egyptian Financial Arrangement until after Easter? I will remind the right hon. Gentleman that the Papers, which have been so long promised, are only now in the House, and have not yet been distributed to Members.


With regard, Sir, to the question of fact, the bulk of the Papers have been in the hands of hon. Members since Friday evening, and were distributed on Saturday morning. I ought to have said that they have been accessible since Friday evening. A small number are, as I understand, only now accessible.


I asked for the Papers, and was told they were not here.

MR. GLADSTONE (after consulting The CHANCELLOR of the EXCHEQUER)

Then, Sir, they are not accessible yet; but I believe some portions have been accessible and have been distributed, but, I admit, no circulation of them, and it will begin to-morrow morning. That is the state of the case; but the bulk of the Papers were distributed on Saturday, earlier than the Foreign Office expected to be able to do so. As the right hon. Gentleman (Sir Stafford Northcote) has repeated his Question, I must refer him to the answer which I gave on Friday. I do not enter now into detail, because I believe the right hon. Gentleman intends to give an opportunity which will, perhaps, be more regular.