HC Deb 05 March 1885 vol 295 cc122-3

asked the Financial Secretary to the Treasury, In what in- stances the Board of Works (Ireland) have used the monolithic system in the construction of piers and breakwaters; have they refused to do so for the proposed pier at Tramore, county Waterford, though suggested by an eminent local engineer; was the engineer in chief of the Board of Works examined as to the merits of the monolithic system, and is he in favour of it; and, is it a fact that, in the case of the works proceeding at Kinsale Harbour, it is intended to use concrete blocks, laying them down on their narrow sides or ends on mud of from 15 to 20 feet in depth?


The Board of Works use the monolithic system in all cases where it is applicable, being themselves in favour of it, as is also their engineer. The Board have not refused to use that system at Tramore; and as regards Kinsale, the use of concrete blocks is an improvement on the original design, which was for a dry rubble work. The foundation there is believed to be quite secure.


Would the hon. Gentleman state, if it is a fact that the Government Inspector stated before a Select Committee that the harbour was not worth anything on account of the bad foundation?


I must ask the hon. Member to put down his Question on the Paper.